The worst manager ever?

Jun 29 2007 by Print This Article

Life in the corporate world can be tough. But it can be hell for those who work in retail. But thankfully, things rarely get as bad as this story recounted over at concerning - quite possibly - the worst manager ever.

Referred to simply as "C", he was "overpromoted" into a managerial role with no previous managerial experience. But that's the least of it.

He was never able to prioritize. "He pulled everybody off the sales floor to help out with tasks in the backroom." This lead to a woman helping on the sales floor who was a "price changer for many years and was ill-suited to helping customers. She couldn't take the strain and broke down sobbing."

He would show up reeking of alcohol - if he showed up at all. He liked to chew tobacco and leave his spit cups scattered all around the store. And he had little idea of what his employees were supposed to be doing on a daily basis or what everyone's job actually was.

What finally did for him was closing up one night without locking the doors or turning on the alarms, leaving thousands of dollars in electronics in plain view.

Bu it was only the thought of losing that much money that finally got the company to fire him.

So be careful who you hire as a manager Ė and remember that anything you do could end up published online for all the world to see. Finally, whatever problems you might have working in a big corporation, it could be much worse in retail.