One rotten apple

Jun 21 2007 by Print This Article

If you need a reminder of just how much damage a single bad manger can do this post on provides some pretty powerful evidence.

Snapcat relates how his boss has such severe mood swings that it causes people to "get to the point where you are afraid to make choices with your work, yet you can't go ask the manager for advice because you don't want your self-esteem destroyed."

During meetings, the boss chastises workers to the point they would end up feeling like children.

What does this do for the working environment? "I have no motivation to go to work except for the paycheck. Thinking of the day I walk in and give my notice makes me smile and fills my spirit with a warm, happy glow."

So, you end up with a work environment where employees are afraid rather than productive, where most people probably spend more time looking for new jobs than getting work done. At the same time, everyone is making mistakes, but they are afraid to ask about things first for fear of management reaction.

Does this sound like the kind of productive office that every manager dreams about?