Think before firing

Jun 19 2007 by Print This Article

If you need to fire somebody, try doing it right. That means not doing it by email, particularly when if the person you are firing is at the hospital visiting a sick relative.

This particular blogger is upfront about the circumstances: "I am not disputing my termination. I am to blame." But hardly surprisingly, the time and manner of the firing has left him with a very bad taste.

"A very dear relative was in the hospital and not doing well," he writes. "He fired me via E-MAIL. I received the message on my cell phone in the hospital."

This was devastating to my family member causing her to vomit and she required sedation."

But this wasn't an entirely unique situation. The same manager had fired people "evasively" before. All of which has done little to help the company.

"My firing and the firing of my coworker has left an immense whole of knowledge. Our talents and expertise, the customer relationships we fostered and account familiarity are all suddenly gone and will take months to rebuild."

So, if it's time to finally let go of that employee try to do it right. Do it face-to-face. And read this first.

Just remember that if you do it wrong, chances are that your methods could end up being posted online for the world to read.