Need some help quitting?

Jun 12 2007 by Print This Article

It may seem at first glance that the overwhelming majority of those complaining about their jobs online are Generation Y Americans. But just to break the mold, one UK-based website has turned hating your job and quitting hated jobs into a full-time business venture. is a site dedicated to helping people leave jobs they hate. Then they pass on the details of the now-vacant job to the genuine jobseekers who use the site. Neat idea. Very neat.

But despite this element, a major portion of the site is dedicated to helping those who are miserable in their jobs to quit. In fact the site has an entire section dedicated to the delicate art of resignation, including sample resignation letters - and letters if you want to retract your resignation ("Sorry, I got influenced by this website I found . . . ")

The obvious difference here seems to be that while Americans appear bent on creating websites for the sole purpose of complaining - and doing so venomously - those in the UK are dedicated to helping employees move on. So which is the more valuable tool for workers?