The Pinocchio syndrome

Jun 12 2007 by Derek Torres Print This Article

It may well be time for Britons to go read or watch Pinocchio to remind them what happens to bad boys and girls when they lie! Because a recent study by shows that up to two-thirds of the British workforce lies or lied about job qualifications in their CVs.

I'm not really surprised by this finding; in fact, I'd expected it was even higher! And so it's not surprising that more and more companies are doing background checks to verify references, employers, and diplomas!

About what do people lie? For starters, it seems that people lie regarding why they left their last job, their current wages and their qualifications. But in this electronic era, it seems absolutely ridiculous to lie about any of these. I mean, why lie about your qualifications when you'll probably be found out on the job.

While I often joke that one should remain loyal to their spouse, family, and friends Ė employer is conspicuously absent from that list, I would also add that remaining honest with the aforementioned loved ones is important Ė as important as being honest with your employer!

While it seems that many of us are feeling clever enough to get away with the occasional white lie, not all of us live in places like NYC, London, or Singapore. Getting caught for lying about your credentials may put you on a professional black list before you know it!