Does your job suck?

May 29 2007 by Print This Article

As most of us will now be aware, the web is a goldmine for people who want to complain about their jobs. Over at, contributor Troy Hadley muses on how to know when to leave a job that sucks.

10 Important Signs that Your Job Sucks could be just another one of those "I hate my job" rants. Instead, it's a pretty sound Ė and nicely tongue-in-cheek - assessment of how to fix a bad workplace situation and when to bow out altogether.

My buddy Richard finally left his little non-profit job because he wanted to make some real money, but it was an all-around good decision. And I mean, for everyone. Richard wanted to be the manager of his team, and his team hated his pushy leadership style. So finding another position was a win-win - he gets more money and more leadership potential, and his old team can breathe a sigh of relief and go back to smoking pot on their lunch breaks.