Something positive, for a change

May 25 2007 by Print This Article

The web is full of websites where people complain about their job or their boss. So it's nice - but depressingly rare - to find someone who actually has something good to say about where they work.

Over at, someone actually has some nice things to say about her employer.

"StayOutOfMyDesk" has managed to find a job she actually loves at a small family-run business. It's an administrative position, typically the kind of work people love to complain about. So, what is it about this place that is so different?

First, they had flowers for her on her first day as a welcome. Second, she gets phone calls daily from the owners of the company to ask how she is doing. Third, she is not asked, on a regular basis, to do all of the faxing or copying. Fourth, she is not required to take phone messages. Fifth, she was told she could use the internet and visit any websites she wants during down times.

Finally, no clock-punching. She is allowed to create a schedule that works for her. All of which are small things that add up to a business that respects her and appreciates the work she does.

But here's a kicker. This is also an office with no other women. "This is big for me because I find women to be incredibly vicious to one another."

Nevertheless, if you're looking for a snapshot of what a modern worker is looking for in their job, here it is.Not difficult, is it?