Who cares for the kids?

May 11 2007 by Derek Torres Print This Article

I happened across an interesting piece in Australia's Herald Sun about working parents and childcare.

In all my travels and professional experiences abroad, one common issue that pops up for parents across the world is that of childcare for working couples. It's about time that we start seeing more of what's mentioned in this article and less talk about how nice it would be.

Mesdames Mills and Ghosh have come up with an enterprising idea Ė work with companies and childcare providers to provide actually practical solutions that create a win-win environment for both management and employees!

By creating an on-site space designates solely for childcare, working parents can better concentrate on their work, not have to worry about daycare plans falling through, have a child minder who is adapted to the parents' work schedule, as well as have daycare availability during school holiday.

The aforementioned reasons are also a benefit to employers! As the article points out, by creating an environment that cares about employees and their family needs, employers are more likely to find loyal employees that are happy in their jobs. It also limits potential employment gaps when parents have to take time off during school holidays or leave the office by 4pm to watch their children.

Bravo to these ladies on their business! Let's hope to see more such companies sprout up soon.