Is BA hellbent on corporate suicide?

Feb 09 2007 by Brian Amble Print This Article

British Airways' decision to charge many of its customers as much as £240 extra for checking in two or more bags - coming hot on the heals of the notorious crucifix row - makes it increasingly hard to escape the conclusion that the company is hellbent on committing corporate suicide.

From Tuesday most passengers will be able to stow only one item weighing no more than 23kg in the aircraft's hold.

In some cases it will be cheaper to buy an extra seat - and the baggage allowance that goes with it - than to pay the surcharge.

On its Web site, BA claims that the move represents a "simpler" policy aimed at creating "the best possible airport experience before you fly."

Of course, the best experience for many passengers will simply be to fly with another airline, something that one might have thought would have occurred to BA's management before it embarked on this latest PR gaffe.

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