Law firms hit by ageism claims

Jan 15 2007 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Some of London's leading law firms could find themselves seriously out of pocket as partners in their 50s who believe that they have been forced out due to their age start to bring the first cases under Britain's controversial new age discrimination laws introduced last October.

Jon Ashworth writing in "The Business" says that the size of the claims threaten to eclipse previous claims for sex discrimination brought against investment banks by disgruntled female employees.

Jane Mann, head of employment at Fox Williams, said: "These cases are potentially bigger than Villalba. With someone in their 50s earning £750,000 a year, who would have worked to 65, the claim could be enormous."

....The age discrimination regime could cause a seismic shift in the culture of traditional equity partnerships. Of 25 law firms surveyed by Fox Williams, 18 said that the new laws would change the culture of legal partnerships, making them less "cosy" and possibly weakening partner loyalty.

The Business | Law firms in dock as over-50s file first ageism suits

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I have read the comments with a great deal of sympathy. Its not just in the law that this is happening. Teaching is an area where anyone over 50 is sidelinbed in favour of younger teachers. They are given all the training courses and opportunities for advancement. This problems has become much worse since the government want people to retire later but you career seems to come to a standstill when you reach 50. Many teachers are in the position of having to work say for another 15 years without any opportunities for promotition.,

S M Sullivan