The future of recruitment?

Jan 04 2007 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Is Google pointing the way to the future of recruitment? The company famed for hiring only staff with glowing academic records and putting potential recruits through gruelling interviews and selection tests has reassessed how it looks for talent and devised an elaborate computer-scored online survey in the hope that it will provide a better, quantitative way to find good employees.

But will it? Although Google has at least acknowledged that interviews and academic records alone are a very poor predictor of on-the-job performance, will an assessment that is itself based on a 300-question survey of existing employees produce anything more than clones of Google's existing employees?

After all, it doesn't matter how broadly and accurately you define your "box", if you reject anybody who doesn't fit inside it, you still end up with a monoculture.

New York Times | Google Answer to Filling Jobs Is an Algorithm