Two little words

Nov 06 2006 by Brian Amble Print This Article

When was the last time your boss thanked you? "Thank you". They are only two little words. They mean so much, but are so rarely heard.

Research by UK performance improvement consultants Maritz has found that almost one in five of us (19 per cent) have never been thanked for our efforts at work while more than a third only hear those two little words once or twice a year.

Perhaps not-entirely coincidentally, that's about the same proportion as another recent survey found have no loyalty towards the organisation they work for and couldn't care less about their job.

Yet at the other end of the spectrum, around a third of us do receive regular recognition and are thanked several times a week, something that (as morw than eight out of 10 of those surveyed acknowledged) has a positive impact on their desire to remain with their employer.