Singing from the same hymn sheet

Sep 04 2006 by Brian Amble Print This Article

What's the latest wonder-tool in the never-ending hunt for increased motivation and productivity? According to a story in today's Daily Telegraph, the answer is - singing.

Consultancy giant Deloitte has engaged specialist corporate singing consultants to help build teamworking skills

Hide and her husband Graham Singleton claim to be the first specialist corporate singing consultants. Their consultancy, Make Yourself, works with bankers, advisers and other City types who need performance skills such as conducting presentations.

"We offer team-building, bonding and creativity through singing," says Singleton. "It's a fast way of bringing together individuals, energising them and making them more productive."

It's about getting them to understand how to use their bodies to free up their minds," adds Hide. "It takes people outside their comfort zones.

....A business woman who also went through the Make Yourself training commented that the teaching not only worked wonders for her singing, but also transformed her performance in the workplace. The confidence she had gained had changed her attitude to life and work.

Daily Telegraph | Singing lesson is the key to increased productivity