(Not so) primal scream

Aug 18 2006 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Stressed? Try screaming. Apparently work-related stress can be cut by up to a quarter by letting out a loud scream - although many of those quizzed by UK theme park Thorpe Park said they were too inhibited to "let it all go".

If that's the case, maybe something a little more 'controlled' might help. In London, professionally trained singer, Karin Hochapfel, runs stress-lowering classes for City high-fliers, using a mixture of yoga, breathing exercises and the Alexander technique for relaxation - all used by singers to warm up before they perform.

Hochapfel told Reuters' Jane Merriman that the physical and mental processes involved in singing helped alleviate tension, since the whole body has to relax.

But she bemoaned the fact that so many more women than men came to her classes: "It's always less men than women - what a pity."

Herald Tribune | Job stress? Try singing or hit the 'wall of fury'