How much does your boss earn?

Aug 07 2006 by Nic Paton Print This Article

British workers have been given access to a new online tool that allows them to find out how their pay and pension, and that of their colleagues, compares with that of their bosses.

The website,, launched by the union body the TUC has collated information on directors' remuneration, profits and losses, shareholder details and arrangements for staff representation.

The "your company" section of the site includes detailed information on 7,000 British companies, much of which would normally be buried in annual reports, and basic information is available on every UK company.

Employees, said the TUC, could use the site to compare their own pay with company directors.

When they entered what they were earning five years ago the site will tell them how much they would be being paid if their earnings had increased at the same rate as that of their top bosses.

Staff can also compare their own pay to others doing the same job at different firms, it added.

TUC assistant general secretary Kay Carberry said: "Most employees in the country will now have freedom to get important information about their company with the click of a mouse rather than digging through company reports.

"Company finder also enables job seekers to check out a firm before interviews or accepting a post.

"The TUC will continue adding to this search tool to give current and prospective employees as much information about UK plc as possible," she added.