Terror threat boosts pay of chief security officers

Jul 28 2006 by Nic Paton Print This Article

The heightened need for global security post-9/11 has significantly boosted the pay packets of U.S chief security officers, a survey has reprted.

CSOs are now paid, on average, more than $293,000 annually in total cash compensation (base salary and bonus), according to the survey by compensation consultants Foushee.

"The fifth annual survey indicates the continued recognition and importance of the security groups within the organisation and their contribution to the overall profitability of their companies," said Stephen W. Walker, general partner at Foushee.

"Chief security officers not only have to plan for international and domestic threats, but are increasingly involved with the security requirements for information systems and planning for potential public health pandemics, which could significantly impact a company's ability to operate," he added.

Comparing 2005 to 2006, there had been an 11 per cent increase in total cash compensation for the top job, significantly higher than the national norm.

Salary cash compensation for CSOs since the 9/11 terrorist attacks had increased by 44.7 per cent, significantly more than the national average, Walker added.

The survey was carried out in co-operation with the International Security Management Association, which represents CSOs across the globe.

IT and technology threats are another growing security area for U.S businesses.

Some 60 per cent of North American businesses employing more than 1,000 workers are now estimated to have chief information security officers in place, according to research by the organisation Enterprise Strategy Group.