Survival strategies for new hires

Jun 13 2006 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Over on, Fortune Magazine writer Anne Fisher cites some scary stats about the failure rate for new hires at all levels in organisations – and explores what you can do to ensure you survive that crucial first year.

About one-quarter of all new hires won't make it through their first year, according to research from the Employment Policy Foundation. And that may be a conservative estimate: Almost half - 46% - of rookies wash out in the first 18 months, found Leadership IQ, a training firm that studied 20,000 newly hired employees over three years.

These dire numbers don't just apply to the lowly rank and file. In fact, other studies suggest that the higher up in an organization you climb, the more likely you are to fail. Indeed, 53% of managers and executives brought on board from outside are gone within a year, according HR consultants Development Dimensions International.

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Look at Reality show 'Big Brother' this reflects this mentality too. The newcomer finds it hard to break into the existing team.

In all the companies I've been in there also can be a problem with people moving between departments. Initially both parties are wary and that is not the best recipe for moving forward in any organisation.

Jim Symcox - Marketing Magician