The end of the World as we know it?

Jun 09 2006 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Britain's PR industry has been working overtime during the past few weeks conjuring up just about every possible story angle (and plenty of improbable ones) on the forthcoming World Cup. And if we had a pound for every press release we've been sent about the dire consequences for employers, we would be very rich indeed.

Over at IT news portal, The Register, the looming World Cup-induced meltdown is also preying on minds...

Fast forward two weeks: business-critical tasks are on indefinite hold because your entire workforce is either drunk, unconcious as a result of excess alcohol, or hospitalised through drink; your network has crashed under the sheer weight of live broadband streams; your sysadmin is powerless to act because he's in the pub, drunk, and your IT system is accordingly exposed to attack by hackers, crackers, phishers, phreakers, phiddlers, pheltchers and other phelonious phu*kwits; your email server is carrying out a denial of service attack against the Kyrgyzstan Interior Ministry website after Russian spammers gained control of it by bot infection via an email masquerading as a free World Cup final ticket offer, which was inadvertently opened by a temp secretary while drunk...

The Register | How the World Cup will destroy your business