Taming the boss from hell

May 03 2006 by Brian Amble Print This Article

For the executive from hell, help is on the way. Fast Company looks at the work of Worth Ethic, a consulting firm in Austin, which for about $30,000 will put an alpha executive through a rigorous program designed to rein in their unhealthy impulses.

The first step is getting the executive to cop to the crime, usually after founder and CEO Kate Ludeman or her husband, Eddie Erlandson, the firm's two coaches, has produced a thick stack of feedback from miserable coworkers. Then they dare the alpha male--or female--to do better. "They just don't understand that they can be as powerful and as influential with a different approach," says Ludeman. "It's almost like Samson's fear of cutting his hair, a fear that their power and influence is tied to these behaviors."

Fast Company | Taming the Alpha Exec"


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Amazing that just previously on this site, there was an article ' Half of Americans would fire their bosses ' - June 17, 2004- that stated towards the end, '...Sadly, however, bad bosses do not always get their just deserts. Researchers..have found that managers who BLAME OTHERS when things go wrong ( and loose their tempers ) are more LIKELY to get PROMOTED than managers ...who accept responsiblity for failure...'

Coming from the old die-hard ' Inherited Personality-Traits of an Idividual ' school - I have found in 25 years of management training/experience that ' A Tiger is a Tiger ', and you can dye a skunk yellow/gold with black stripes and they will STILL be a SKUNK!

Although, by reading this article, I am NOW very inpsired to start a New Business venture myself!

For $29,999.99 an afternoon's course, either by an individual OR a collection of employees!, I will personally take an ' Alpha Male ' Executive who needs further rigorous training to rid them of unwanted impulses, and Hit them repeatedly upon their crown with a rolled up newspaper or a copy of ' Thames' Better guide to Efficient Management '!!

Work Flow Bob USA