Football's fat cats

Apr 11 2006 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Forget going into management. If you want a fat cat salary long before most executives make it into the boardroom, then football is the career of choice.

The average basic salary of a footballer in the English Premiership is 676,000 a year that's 13,000 a week - according to a survey by The Independent newspaper. That figure can rise by up to 100 per cent when bonuses are added and represents a 65 per cent rise since 2000.

The number of Premiership players with basic pay of more than 1m per year has risen to around 150, or 29.5 per cent of top-flight players over the age of 20. The single highest-earning age group is 28-year-olds, with a basic average of 1.16m a year, or 22,300 per week. The highest-earning age bracket is 27 to 28-year-olds, with an average of 899,500 per year.

Wages also vary depending on the position they play, with strikers earning the highest wages at an average of 806,000 in the Premiership. Midfielders can expect to earn an average of 754,000, defenders 653,000 and goalkeepers a mere 533,000.

The Independent | 676,000: The average salary of a Premiership footballer in 2006