Employers get to grips with domestic violence

Mar 14 2006 by Brian Amble Print This Article

One woman in four is a victim of domestic violence at stage in their lifetime, while men and those in same-sex relationships also fall victim to violence in the home.

With domestic violence is estimated to cost the UK economy 2.7bn a year in decreased productivity, lost wages and sick pay, the BBC reports that employers are starting to address the problem.

Hence a government-led initiative called the Corporate Alliance, which sees many household name companies working with charities to help sufferers among their workforce.

Says Ellie Smithson, from Women's Aid: "The business case for dealing with domestic violence is strong.

"There's the element of being a responsible employer and looking after their employees. The workplace can be the safest place for women."

She cites the example of one employer who said that the first instinct of a manager who sees a worker looking ill, tired or upset is to send them home.

Home, however, could be the worst place to send them.

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