Surviving a bad boss

Jan 26 2006 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Computerworld Magazine has contributed to the growing tide of web resources designed to help you survive a bad boss. Aimed at tech workers, it highlights the familiar scenario of technologically brilliant bosses who have no management skills.

So how do top CIO's survive and navigate around a bad boss?

Peter Baker, vice president of information systems and technology at Emcor Facilities Services Inc., Öonce worked as a project lead for a micromanager who interfered with the work of the programmers. Baker advised his team members to stay out of the manager's way, avoid the politics and focus on their jobs.

He also suggested that they take 10 minutes each afternoon to document everything they'd done that day. "I remember sitting them down and saying, 'This guy is always going to come in and ask you, "What about this, this and this?" And you can just pull out your piece of paper and say, "I did that, that and that.'" It was kind of a capitulation, but we turned it into a positive by being proactive."

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