No laughing matter?

Dec 19 2005 by Brian Amble Print This Article

An interesting observation in today's Daily Telegraph from David Bolchover, author of "the 90-Minute Manager" and more recently, "The Living Dead," a book which claims to "unmask the our changing attitudes towards work":

Just as marriage jokes predated an exponential rise in divorce, so books and films trading on the absurdity of office life will continue growing in number, to be followed by a massive show of dissatisfaction with the traditional grind.

Once a taboo is unearthed by humour, it is never reburied. It very gradually seeps into normal everyday discourse, and becomes a subject for serious, open discussion.

It was once deemed unacceptable to terminate an unhappy marriage.

It is still considered normal to endure an unfulfilling working experience so that bills can be paid. We are now laughing our way to a new world of work.

Daily Telegraph | The sober reality of laughing at office life