Executives ready to jump ship

Dec 02 2005 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Predications of a retention crisis in the U.S. seem to be arriving at the rate of several a week. The latest, from executive recruiting network ExecuNet, the, finds a growing number of corporate leaders are unhappy with their current position and preparing to leave.

According to the survey of 147 employed executives, two-thirds are not satisfied with their current job Ė up from just over half (55 per cent) in July 2005 Ė and of those who are not satisfied, almost eight out of 10 plan to change companies in the next six months.

The biggest single reason why the executives surveyed are unhappy is "poor corporate culture", followed by limited opportunity for advancement, lack of challenge or personal growth, inadequate compensation and finally, personality clashes with the boos.

The findings tally closely with research carried out in October by Accenture which found that managers in the U.S. are increasingly dissatisfied with their current employer, with a third of the managers would going as far as to describe their organisation as "mismanaged."