Complain and you're fired

Nov 03 2005 by Brian Amble Print This Article

If you like to have a good moan about work, you may be horrified to hear that a German IT company has made moaning a sackable offence after it introduced a "two moans and you're out" policy to clamp down on "negative energy" stunting its growth.

Employees at a Leipzig IT company have a clause in their contracts which states: "moaning and whingeing is forbidden... except when accompanied with a constructive suggestion as to how to improve the situation".

This radical idea was the brainchild of unremittingly positive boss Ramona Wonneberger, who said that: " Germans are the world's most inveterate whingers and bellyachers, particularly concerning things they cannot change like the weather or a late train."

The Daily Telegraph reports that so far three employees have been dismissed - two of whom had been given warnings, one of whom chose to go voluntarily, claiming she was being "censored" and had nothing to talk about any more.