Long hours causing canine distress

Oct 28 2005 by Brian Amble Print This Article

The hectic pace of modern life isn't just taking its toll on people. Now our dogs are suffering too.

According to a new survey by Direct Line Pet insurance, more than half of dog owners described their lives as stressful and believed that their anxieties are being passed on to their pets.

Roger Mugford, a therapist who heads the Animal Behaviour Centre in Chertsey, Surrey, said yesterday that he had seen a marked increase in stress caused by "separation issues".

"More women are going out to work, more people are living alone and the demands of work seem to have increased on everyone. The result is that dogs are being left locked at home for long periods and they can find it very traumatic," he said.

"I estimate that nine out of 10 dogs I treat do not have enough contact with people."

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