Helping YummyMummys back into work

Oct 26 2005 by Brian Amble Print This Article

While it probably isn't an entirely unique business idea, kudos is due to a wonderfully-named new Canadian website,, launched to address the job search needs of women wanting to find a family-friendly employer.

"Often women who have been out of the work force for an extended period have incredible skill sets but are unsure how to re-ignite their careers," said Sarah Fowles, boss of the venture and a mother herself.

"To address these needs the website offers accessibility to job postings and resources to connect the right candidates with the right employers. Launching only three weeks ago we are already experiencing extremely positive employer reaction and strong website visits by mothers."

In the new era of flexible working and flexible resourcing, we have spoken to several employers who are desperate to make contact with just these sort of professional women, and initiatives like these can only be welcomed.