Bankers get a dressing-down

Aug 25 2005 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Staff at the Asset & Sales Finance division of UK banking giant Barclays have been told that they will be sent home to change if they don't smarten up, with sportswear, denim jeans, shorts, flip-flops and strapless tops among the attire banished from offices by boss Carla Stent.

According to the Times today:

In sharp contrast to the dress-down spirit of the age, workers have been told that wearing the wrong clothes could affect the financial performance of one of Britain's oldest banks and that they could be ordered down the high street to buy an instant costume-change at their own expense.

Male staff will be required at the least to wear pressed trousers, collared shirts and either blazers or sports jackets. Women, meanwhile, must wear blouses, non logo-bearing T-shirts (provided that they are worn under a jacket), casual skirts or smart trousers.

The Times | Barclays forecloses on dress-down bankers