Confusion reigns over Queen’s Golden Jubilee bank holiday

May 05 2002 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Monday 3 June is an extra bank holiday in the UK this year to mark the Queen’s Golden Jubilee – but both employers and employees are confused as to whether they this means that the workforce is entitled to an extra day’s paid leave.

Many people have been ringing helplines run by Acas - the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service - to find out where they stand.

Chief Executive of Acas John Taylor said:

"There is some confusion about the Golden Jubilee bank holiday – do you have to work or is it an extra day’s paid, or unpaid, leave. Although an extra bank holiday is a rare event, it does highlight two underlying issues that are key to good employment relations. First how important it is to have clear contracts of employment and second the need for employers and employees to communicate effectively so everyone knows where they stand."

The Acas helplines are giving the following advice:

You do not have a statutory right to take bank holidays off – normal nor Jubilee Check your contract of employment. This should state one of the following: You get all bank holidays as paid leave in addition to your holiday entitlement. In this case 3 June is an extra paid day off. You get eight bank holidays as paid leave in addition to your holiday entitlement. Here, unlike all the other bank holidays during the year, 3 June will not count as an extra paid holiday You get a certain number of days holiday including bank holidays. Again 3 June is not an extra paid holiday. John Taylor commented:

"The announcement of the extra holiday has raised expectations among employees. In response many employers are making it clear that their employees will get an extra day’s paid leave to mark the Jubilee whatever their terms of contract. I would urge all employers to sort out the position for their staff now and let them know."

Acas helplines deal with around 760,000 calls a year from employers, employees and their representatives. Look in the Phone Book under ‘Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service’ for your local helpline number.

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