Working women more likely to get divorced

Jul 11 2005 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Women who work full-time are three times more likely to get divorced than those who stay at home.

That's according to research to be published this week in the European Sociological Review which also reveals that the longer hours women work, the more likely they are to be divorced.

"Women who work full-time have a higher risk of divorce. Compared to non-working women, those with a full-time job have a 29 per cent higher odds of divorce. Women who work more hours are found to have a higher divorce risk," the research claims.


Older Comments

I believe the reason more working women get divorced is that they CAN. I changed careers three years ago because my spouse decided at age 40 he would be 'retired' or just occasionally employed. I carried all the benefits and was the breadwinner. After 6 years of his verbal and emotional abuse, poker playing and drinking I divorced him and bought my own house. I am so happy!! I do not need child support because I have carried the entire family for years. How can a stay at home mom leave? Most can't even afford an attorney. The career isn't the problem the abusive marriage is. A good job enables a woman a chance at a real life.

working mom

I was a stay-at-home mom for 21 years. I had done some temping and now the job market is not accepting me as employable. I would not stay in my unloving marriage even under these conditions.

Jessica Brown