Offshoring with a twist

Jul 05 2005 by Brian Amble Print This Article

In a twist to the normal pattern of offshoring, a UK firm has started to recruit British graduates to work in Indian call centres, according to a story in today's Independent.

The London-based firm, Launch Offshore, which used to help businesses set up call centres in India, now focuses on recruiting young people from Britain to work in India. Workers earn 11,000 to 30,000 rupees a month - about £150 to £400, less than a quarter of the average salary in the UK.

Tim Bond, the managing director of Launch Offshore, pointed out that living in India was a lot cheaper. "[Recruits] get a far better package than they would if they were working in the UK. Their accommodation and flights are paid for. The cost of living is seven times lower than in Britain, which means their value of lifestyle is much higher."

The firm has apparently recruited 15 people so far, with another 10 in the process of signing one-year contracts.

The Independent | Firm hiring UK graduates to staff Indian call centres