Britons still feel secure in their jobs, despite widespread redundancies

Feb 17 2002 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Despite daily announcements of job cuts across the UK, only 36% of Britons are worried about their own job security, with just 10% of them very concerned about it, according to a survey of 1915 UK adults.

The survey findings suggest that there is still an overriding sense of security and confidence amongst UK workers, and even if they were to be made redundant, 61% of those questioned feel that finding a new job would not be a problem.

Many workers seem so unconcerned about the possibility of redundancy, that few have even updated their CVs ‘just in case’, according to the MyVoice market research survey. Of those questioned, only 15% have felt worried enough to update their resume, 13% are thinking about it, but 47% are doing nothing.

However, it does not seem that this feeling of security is a case of ignorant bliss. In fact, 63% of respondents have directly or indirectly had some exposure to redundancies over the last twelve months, either via family, friends or colleagues. Despite this exposure, only 17% of respondents are definitely aware of their rights as an employee in the case of redundancy.

Finally, if made redundant, the majority of people (60%) would look for a new job although others saw it as an opportunity to go travelling, go freelance or set up their own businesses.

MyVoice, the online market research company, surveyed 1915 adults aged 18+ nation-wide and the poll was conducted online from 6th February 15th February. Gender split: 46% male/54% female

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