Joint venture

Jun 02 2005 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Job sharing is commonplace today—but sharing an executive position is not. But two bank executives, Cynthia R. Cunningham and Shelley S. Murray, bucked the trend and made their job share work. Interesting stuff from Harvard Business Review.

…the experience changed the way we think about work, and neither of us intends to work any other way again—not ever. It was a constant challenge to pull off the job share—and a hard sell to management—but we never regretted it. We're taking some time to rejuvenate and to write and speak about our experience, but when we look for a new job, we will look together. If one of us wants to leave our next position, the other will leave as well. The fact is, we've found a working relationship that not only is rewarding and freeing for us but, we are convinced, offers our employers and customers more quality and commitment than a single, full-time manager can muster. For the foreseeable future, we're a package.

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