5-star again: Sustained Excellence at Lancaster

Dec 17 2001 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) has been confirmed as one of

only two UK business schools to have received the maximum rating for research quality in every Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) conducted by the Higher Education Funding Council for England and Wales since 1992 (HEFCE, 14th December 2001).

The latest RAE again confers the maximum 5-star rating on LUMS, signifying research of international excellence across most areas in the business school.

This ten-year unbroken period of sustained research excellence, when combined with the maximum teaching quality rating, confirms Lancaster as one of Europe's elite business schools.

Professor Sue Cox, Lancaster's new Dean, comments: - "The renewed 5-star status is an outstanding achievement for all of us at LUMS. We are one of the very few UK business schools with the research excellence to compete as a global educator. Our international programmes such as the European Bachelors in Business Administration and the International Masters in Practising Management are examples of our ambition for the future."

The maximum 5-star research rating applies to the entire business school, which comprises six academic groupings, each of which offers specialist undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes. They are Accounting and Finance; Behaviour in Organisations; Economics; Management Learning; Management Science; and Marketing. The business school can justifiably claim to possess one of the largest communities of the UK's best business and management thinkers.

Lancaster's research strengths include an interdisciplinary emphasis on Organisation, Technology and Learning-within which particular themes are Knowledge Management, Networked Management Learning, and the Management of Expertise-as well as research in Stock Market Valuation; Corporate Governance; Corporate Enterprise and Entrepreneurship; Retail Marketing; Consumer and Industrial Buyer Behaviour; Operational Research; and International Business. Lancaster is also unique in the priority it gives to deriving theory from the central concerns of managers, leaders and their organisations and then applying that theory in practice.

Examples may be found in the client-based project work conducted by many of the School's specialist postgraduate students as well as general management programmes such as the full-time and Executive MBA. The School's longstanding interest in management and organisational learning has inspired a portfolio of groundbreaking customised programmes for multinational companies, and open programmes for leaders and other senior professionals; examples of the latter include the MPhil in Critical Management, and the Advanced Leadership Programme.

LUMS' status as a leading business school has been confirmed also in its undergraduate teaching, where it consistently rates amongst the top 5 UK business schools (The Times, The Guardian); with its MBA programme which ranks amongst the top 100 in the world (FT, 2001); and in its student achievement, for example winning the Association of MBAs Student of the Year Award twice in the last three years.

Building on its sustained success over the past decade and a half, Lancaster is now extending its Executive MBA to Chartridge, the executive training facility near Chesham, just to the north-west of London.

For more information please contact Professor Rick Crawley, Director of Marketing, LUMS
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