Workers want training, but are not getting it

Apr 22 2005 by Nic Paton Print This Article

Four out of five workers are keen for their employer to provide work-based training, but many do not get it.

An online survey of 966 people by recruitment consultancy Manpower found three quarters expected to be trained as part of their job.

Nearly four out of 10 Ė 39 per cent Ė did receive formal training, but a third said they wanted more training than they got.

More than two thirds said being denied access to work-based training would be a significant excuse for them to change jobs.

The finding echoes a survey this week by Reed Consulting that found employees were four times more likely to leave a job because of a lack of development opportunities than the lure of better pay.

Greg Teare, Manpower operations director, said: "It's great news that employees expect formal training. This indicates that people are becoming increasingly concerned with career-development. The UK currently has a large skills shortage, and work-based training is key to addressing this."

A study published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in March found most employees believed workplace training made them better at their jobs.

They also took it seriously and felt it made a difference, with four out of five saying their employer did offer enough training opportunities.