Healthcare and extra holidays valued more than company car

Apr 07 2005 by Nic Paton Print This Article

Access to private healthcare or extra holidays have become more popular perks than a company car, according to latest research.

The survey of 100 workers and 400 staff by BT Home Computing found just 20 per cent of workers placed a company car in their list of top three benefits.

By comparison, healthcare was felt to be the top benefit by 41 per cent of those polled and extra holiday by 23 per cent.

Extra benefits - once considered a bit of a fringe “add-on” but now widely recognised as a key employer tool in the battle for talent – were an important factor in helping employees decide who to work for.

Nine out of 10 of those polled said they considered the benefits on offer when deciding whether to accept a job.

BT people networks manager Becky Mason, said: “The appeal of traditional high-status offerings such as company cars is waning, to be replaced by benefits that better reflect the priorities of modern life.”