A load of hot air?

Apr 05 2005 by Brian Amble Print This Article

What with it being April foolís day and all, we were tempted to treat this one with a snort of knowing derision, until we noticed the BBC actually started running it late yesterday.

So, is it an April fool or not, and could it ever catch on in during a typical rainy, grey-skied British summer?

Apparently, Japanís prime minister plans to dress down this summer, and wants millions of Japanese office workers to do the same.

Junichiro Koizumi is asking workers to cast off their collars and ties in a national effort to use less energy on air conditioning.

To show how serious he is, Mr Koizumi has ordered government ministers to shed their suits to set an example.

Japan often endures hot, humid summers, forcing offices and bars to ramp up air-conditioning systems.

"Government officials will not shed their ties unless their bosses do," Mr Koizumi said.

"In principle, I want ministers to wear no ties and jackets this coming summer, as it will help save energy. I, too, will go without jackets and ties."

BBC Online | Dress down to save Japan, PM says