Training 'more than an opportunity to eat biscuits'

Mar 11 2005 by Nic Paton Print This Article

Most employees value workplace and feel it makes them better at their job, a study has found.

While some workers will inevitably see training as an opportunity to have a break from the office, make friends around the building or sample some nice biscuits, most workers do take it seriously and think it makes a difference.

A study of 750 people by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development found almost four out of five of those polled said their employer offered enough training opportunities.

A whopping 94 per cent believed training they received in the past 12 months had helped them do their jobs better.

But some Ė 21 per cent - complained they felt short-changed and were not being given enough training opportunities.

Those who already had an academic qualification or had already received training were most likely to get further training.

The more learning an individual did the more confident they were in requesting further opportunities and one of the groups who received the most training was those with a degree.

The role of the line manager was critical when it came to training and development, with line managers were responsible for more than half of employee discussions concerning the success and evaluation of training.

Victoria Gill, CIPD learning training and development adviser, said: ďAlthough it is good to see more staff taking responsibility for their own development, employers need to ensure training opportunities are available and encouraged among all levels of staff, not just those who already hold academic qualifications, or who have the confidence to request training.

But she warned: "this may run the risk of creating an imbalance among staff and a training gap.Ē