Ignore new information regulations at your peril, firms warned

Mar 04 2005 by Nic Paton Print This Article

Employers that embrace new regulations giving workers rights to be informed and consulted will gain a competitive edge in terms of worker motivation and commitment.

But, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has warned, those that ignore the new information and consultation regulations could find themselves being forced to adopt rigid arrangements for informing and consulting staff that do not suit their business.

The CIPD has published a new guide to help employers meet the challenges presented by the regulations, which come into force for organisations with 150 or more staff on the 6 April.

The free guide, Information and consultation, draws together evidence showing how organisations that involve and engage their workforce benefit from improved performance, greater input of ideas and more problem solving by their workforce.

CIPD adviser Ben Willmott said: “These new regulations are now just around the corner. For organisations that embrace them willingly, they could improve employee motivation and business performance.

“Employees who are informed and consulted about matters that affect their employment experience are more likely to feel that they and their opinions matter and that they have a stake in the organisation they work for,” he added.

The guide is available from the CIPD through its website.