A better way to work?

Mar 02 2005 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Thomas Fuler in the IHT writes about the altogether more civilised way of working adopted by Jaywing, a UK technology company:

Martin Boddy, a founder of Jaywing, says creating the company was a sort of rebellion against the office culture he experienced as a marketing manager early in his career.

He used to take the 6:30 train every weekday morning to London and return before 8 p.m. He knew precisely where to stand on the platform to position himself in front of the train doors. He has vowed never to commute again, never to wear a tie and never to have a formal evaluation system for his employees

"Rather than this control culture, suddenly people are given responsibility where they have to sort everything out themselves," Boddy said

He is not concerned about the working hours of his employees, he said, as long as clients are kept happy.

Boddy works from a converted stable in a village outside of York, in northern England.

He often spends afternoons with his four children and works at night once they've gone to bed.

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