Survey predicts home working boom

Feb 11 2005 by Brian Amble Print This Article

More than four out of 10 Britons are considering working from home in the future as broadband communications become ubiquitous.

According to broadband company Pipex, 42 per cent of Britons - half of men and a third of women - are keen to unshackle themselves from their desks and work from home.

Currently half of British homes have access to the internet, and broadband is expected to reach eight million users Ė almost a third of British households - by the end of 2005.

More than two million people already work from home across the UK and around eight million spend at least some of their working week in the house instead of the office, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics.

"With rising transport costs, and the increasing burden on the wallet of everyday living expenses, it's little wonder more and more people will be looking to work from home over the next few years," said Pipex's Dominic Crolla.

"It's not just the wallet that will benefit from this migration - working in a calm quiet environment could help relieve stress too."