Giving something back

Feb 07 2005 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Last March, Colin Potter gave staff at his telecoms company Uniworld Communications almost Ł2 million after selling it to another communications firm.

Now the man dubbed "Britain's most generous boss" has launched a new company, ProposalGENie, a pioneering web-based system for preparing sales proposals - and he has vowed to donate all the firm's future profits to charity.

Potter hopes his latest venture will be turning over more than Ł25m within three years

"I don't need the money," he told a local newspaper. "I was very fortunate when we sold the other company. We live quite nicely and we have a nice lifestyle.

"All I ever wanted was to prove I could do it and have financial security. I've done that and now it's about having fun and trying to give something back.

"It's just the way I am. When you've got enough, you've got enough. What do you need more for?"

"We own 40 per cent of ProposalGENie. We plan to set up a trust and hope to be able to start giving money to local charities by the end of this year."