The biggest thank you?

Feb 02 2005 by Brian Amble Print This Article

The boss of a British-based company has rewarded all 25 of her 25 employees with an all-expenses paid week-long Caribbean holiday as a 'thank you' after the firm made record profits.

res_bonus.jpg (9.9 Kb)Lara Morgan, owner of luxury hotel toiletries firm Pacific Direct had promised staff that if profits hit the £1m mark, she would treat them.

Flying the entire workforce to Barbados cost her £50,000.

"I believe you can get extraordinary staff results if you treat people in extraordinary ways," said Mrs Morgan.

"It was a pleasure to see their faces when I announced the news. British businesses don't invest enough in original staff incentives, when there are so many benefits to reap."

So, other bosses Ė listening and learn (ours is a trip to Australia, please)