Work worries put a dampener on Christmas break

Dec 23 2004 by Nic Paton Print This Article

Two thirds of workers will be unable to relax over the Christmas break because they are worried about the amount of work in their in-tray when they get back to their desks in January.

A survey of 828 people by recruitment agency Manpower has found that, while seven out of 10 of us will take holiday over Christmas, 66 per cent will be unable to switch off over the festive season.

In fact nearly two thirds of those polled – 64 per cent – said they intended to bring work home with them over the holiday.

“Switching off at Christmas is becoming very hard for many people. Those who do take holiday may dread returning to work, due to the increased workload they have to tackle. Unfortunately, this can counteract much of the benefit that might be gained from the holiday in the first place,” warned Manpower.

The company urged people not to take work home with them if at all possible and to steer clear of their email in-box.

“The Christmas break should provide workers with a well earned rest, giving people chance to unwind and relax and return to work refreshed in the New Year,” it added.