Master the arts of networking to land a new job

Dec 14 2004 by Nic Paton Print This Article

Scanning the job ads may be the conventional way to find a new job, but if you really want to make that career move, getting out and meeting potential employers is the answer.

Research from HR consultancy DBM has suggested that networking is the most effective to find a new job.

The run-up to Christmas can, of course, be a particularly good time to network internally, but it is also wise to try to get to know employees at other companies where you would like to work.

The Career Transition study of 18,000 people found two thirds of those polled found work through networking.

By comparison, just a quarter secured employment through more formal recruitment routes such as search firms, print advertisements and internet job sites.

DBM director Guy Healey said: “Many people we advise are surprised that networking is so effective - they see it as some kind of mystery-art.”

He added: “The reality is that it is not difficult, but it does require a change in mind-set in contacting friends, family and colleagues. Our experience is that Americans are far better than British people at working with their contacts to find new work.”

But it was important to remain realistic, flexible and open-minded, DBM also cautioned.

Networking with current employees of your target companies was the best way to get your “foot in the door”, it advised.