Britain's worst boss?

Nov 29 2004 by Brian Amble Print This Article

The boss of a security firm in the North of England says that he will close his business with the loss of 52 jobs rather than pay compensation after an employee won a claim for sexual discrimination.

Gina Goldwater was awarded more than £30,000 compensation - including £12,000 was for injury to feelings - after an employment tribunal ruled that her pregnancy led to a three-month campaign of "humiliation" at Mia Guard National Security.

The firm was also ordered to pay the £10,000 legal costs.

But the firm's owner, Dean Hudson, said: "If, in order to ensure Miss Goldwater and her partner Kevin Hurst don't receive a penny I have to make myself bankrupt, and if that's the advice I'm given, then 52 people will be out of work as of December 1."

The tribunal heard that Mr Hudson said he felt relieved when Miss Goldwater's first baby died, because it meant she would not take maternity leave.

The tribunal chairman said that there was clear evidence of Mr Hudson had blatantly tried to avoid his responsibilities as an employer.