UK workers are 'disengaged'

Nov 17 2004 by Nic Paton Print This Article

UK workers are some of the least engaged and emotionally attached to their companies in the world, according to a study.

The survey of 160,000 workers was also worrying in suggesting British workers are the most likely, along with those in France and Singapore, to want to move jobs.

The UK ranked joint seventh for employee engagement, with significantly lower levels than the US and Brazil, where engagement levels were highest, found consultancy ISR.

And despite a belief that money is normally the prime motivator, the top three factors influencing employee engagement in the UK were long-term career opportunities, endorsement of company products and services and being respectfully treated, the survey reported.

Nick Tatchell, ISR project director, said: ďSome of the findings from the UK were surprising.

"Contrary to a widespread belief in the demise of the career path, this research suggests that employees are highly motivated and energised by the genuine prospect of long-term career opportunities with their current employer.Ē