IQ of 200 but can't get a job

Nov 07 2004 by Brian Amble Print This Article

The world's cleverest woman wants is looking for a job in Britain after spending the past two years unemployed in her native Bulgaria.

Daniela Simidchieva, who has an IQ of almost 200, is qualified as an industrial engineer, an English teacher and an electrical engineer as well as having five Masters Degrees. In between all this, she has also found time to have three children.

Daniela is said by the Bulgarian branch of Mensa to be the world's cleverest woman, but despite an IQ equal to that of Marie Curie Ė the first person to win a Noble Prize twice - she still can't find a job.

"I love learning, but I also want to work," she told the Press Association. "In the last 44 years I have studied economics, education and sociology at universities in Bulgaria and Britain.

"But in Bulgaria I have found that employers do not want clever employees. Even when I had a job, the largest salary I ever managed was just £90 a month."

Sadly, though, we suspect that British employers might be just as intimidated by her CV as their counterparts in Bulgaria Ė but we'll keep you informed of her progress.