IQ of 200 but can't get a job

Nov 07 2004 by Brian Amble Print This Article

The world's cleverest woman wants is looking for a job in Britain after spending the past two years unemployed in her native Bulgaria.

Daniela Simidchieva, who has an IQ of almost 200, is qualified as an industrial engineer, an English teacher and an electrical engineer as well as having five Masters Degrees. In between all this, she has also found time to have three children.

Daniela is said by the Bulgarian branch of Mensa to be the world's cleverest woman, but despite an IQ equal to that of Marie Curie Ė the first person to win a Noble Prize twice - she still can't find a job.

"I love learning, but I also want to work," she told the Press Association. "In the last 44 years I have studied economics, education and sociology at universities in Bulgaria and Britain.

"But in Bulgaria I have found that employers do not want clever employees. Even when I had a job, the largest salary I ever managed was just £90 a month."

Sadly, though, we suspect that British employers might be just as intimidated by her CV as their counterparts in Bulgaria Ė but we'll keep you informed of her progress.


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200 is not 'the cleverest woman in the world'.


I can truly empathize with the Bulgarian Lady. Unfortunately, the ruling class is not dominated by geniuses and are definitely threatened by those who are naturally more brilliant than themselves.

Phil Hollywood, Florida, USA

I'll second that, Kathy


Oh cry about it... No one is so overqualified that they can't find work. She must be doing something wrong.


It's not by accident, but by design that so many children in America are receiving poor educations. Masters forbid their slaves to learn in order to maintain the status quo..


Having a number of degrees and a high IQ does not mean she would necessarily be a good employee. She probably scattered her efforts in several fields instead of focusing on one and mastering it... I wouldn't hire her myself as I would think she's someone who does not know what she wants


No-one wants to hire someone smarter than them because that person may be more qualified or capable of doing the employers job than they are. Also, people more easily relate to someone with a similar IQ to themselves. So average people hire average workers.


Well, I'm from the same country, so it's absolutely correct what Bulgarians are thinking about smart people wanting a job. Unfortunately I have encountered the same approach in the USA. As an Airline Captain, Flight Inspector for the Airports Landing Systems and Instructor with over 28 years of experience all around the World, I was turned down by Boeing in Seattle, WA, as 'OVER EXPERIENCE'.... Some moron would say, that I did something wrong, or I didn't know what I want....but that wasn't the case.

Nicholas Kolev United States


You're right, she didn't pick and stick with one subject and master it. She mastered five instead. There is really only so much one can learn about a single topic. I myself have a similar experience; what used to be called a well-rounded education is now called 'scattered', what used to be called exploration is now 'indecisive', but I'll call it what it is: A love of learning, not of learning a topic or subject, but the very act of learning itself. A woman like that has something more valuable than a masters degree (or five), she has the ability to learn, and can therefore do any job.

Any capable employer will tell you, being able to learn is more important than anything else.

It's just a shame that exceptional talents are no longer rewarded, instead they are repressed. Money matters more than mind, or so it seems.