Eradicating demotivation

Oct 07 2004 by Brian Amble Print This Article

In order to motivate people, you first need to eradicate demotivation, writes Brian Bloch in the Telegraph. But too many bosses still cling to the perennial fallacy that "people will work properly if they are paid enough".

What many employers are forgetting, he argues, is that workers who do not feel engaged, are not treated fairly and are not able to communicate comprehensively and openly with their superiors will rapidly become demotivated Ė and that internal resignation is often followed by real resignation.

An Austrian study has identified some core motivation killers. A distorted relationship between reward and individual contribution is psychologically catastrophic.

Even if not highly educated, employees generally perceive a kind of psychological contract, and if that is not fulfilled, serious unhappiness arises rapidly. Likewise, broken promises are guaranteed to demotivate.

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