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Jul 12 2004 by Brian Amble Print This Article

What a fabulous idea.

ImproveNow.com is an online service that anonymously lets employees carry out a performance review of their boss.

If you're the CAPTAIN, you may want to find out -- and FAST -- what your CREW really thinks about your ship with this classic, proven attitude survey! Find out what's working, what isn't. Clear the decks for action and begin improving fast. If you're a CREW member and you and others would like to let Capt. Bligh know what you think, here's your chance to do it anonymously.

An assessment can be either employee- or management-initiated and both protect the anonymity of participants. The initiator can then invite up to 50 colleagues to carry out the same assessment and ImproveNow will then automatically email the boss with the results, providing a letter grade in all the major leadership areas, as well as an overall grade as a boss. The people who assessed the boss are NOT privy to the results the boss sees.

ImproveNow say that the service based on three simple notions:

  1. Employees often feel they are not heard by their supervisors and managers. They feel they are not openly and honestly communicated with. Often they live in fear that their managers will find ways to retaliate and make their work life even more miserable if they speak up. An anonymous "bottom-up" survey can create an opening for communication that might otherwise not occur.
  2. The world is well- if not over-populated with bad bosses, and too little is being done about it by top management (who are frequently poor managers and communicators themselves). Giving bosses the opportunity to respond to the concerns of employees who report to them is giving them the opportunity for success and satisfaction in their jobs and careers. Giving bosses this opportunity, can, in fact, create the conditions for improving worker job satisfaction, morale and retention. AND business performance!
  3. If bosses hear from, perhaps, a vocal minority, they may find a reason to survey the entire worker population to find out how valid and widespread the concerns raised really are and, then, initiate a "top-down", organization-wide "Improve Your Boss" or "Improve Your Company" assessment.
The final step is, of course, to report the results, unvarnished, to staff. Acknowledge both the good and the not-so-good results. Where appropriate, either state a management position clearly and/or promise actions to solve the problem.


Older Comments

My Boss is awsome.

Ken Mccarthy Scanton

What about a boss that doesn't have 15 minutes for you, event on a 2 week-notice ?

What about a boss that leaves before you on your last day, without even say goodbye.


What about a communications director who is rude, doesn't communicate, and acts like she is the only busy person on the planet?


My boss is the most evil human being to ever walk this earth. She is not just a spiteful, lazy, and malicious boss, she is a rotten human being with serious psychological problems.

Karan S. Vancouver, BC

my boss is a number 1 ass hole ! Good for nothing lazy fat ass. Mind controling , belittling person .Treats you like skum. Never around wen thear is real work to be done. ONly thing he can 'manage' is walking around the sales flore farting like a fat pig he is . Dont tell me people cat smell that. P.s What a slob he is ! Note to futcher employes . Think twice shak your head and walk away !.

BOB Norwich ON

My boss is a lying, manipulative, poor excuse for a manager. I have worked with her for about 6 years and had to report her to management. She's told me things about staff that I should not know, and has asked me to help her set up other people. I felt I had to do it to keep my job. She is the most horrible person to work for and somehow she tries to convince management that she is telling the truth. I think it will backfire and she will probably lose her job very soon.

K. Gant Culver City

My boss is an evil , foul smelling , foreign cigarette smoking, pretentious snob who is incapable of treating those beneath him with anything resembling human decency or kindness. He is a self important, burned out jagoff and I hope that his instant karma comes in the form of intestinal distress and flatulance that exposes him for the stinking vermin that he is.

m. rutherford

Agree! Suffering the majority of your life in the workplace is not worth it. Speak it up!


seems to be the only serious site devoted to this mission.

Paul Simon

My company's Website, www.BossRater.com, also is excellent for rating bosses and doing self-evaluations.

Jeff Reed

Perhaps my sins are catching up with me. For years I have been a senior manager but circumstances find me working in a different industry with a middle manager as my supervisor. I have an MBA and am using this 'work experience' as research for a Doctorate as well as to earn an income. Thus I am irked daily by this man who has no management experience and breaks all the rules of racism, agism and sexism. He is pathetic. This is the Peter Principle in all its glory. This man is smarmy and has replaced some good male staff members (who left as they could not abide being supervised by him) with silly airhead blond bimbos. I am a brunette bimbo myself! :) I shall be leaving soon of my own volition or not. Already most of my friends have left and set up their own company. I shall complete my Doctorate and join them but in the meantime have to put up with this idiot and his blatant 'isms. Its all good stuff for my book though! OMG he is a dork!!

Sally Taylor Arizona

Leafsoftalent.com and several other on-line service providers in the U.S. and abroad are beginning to put strong emphasis on individual employees having an online source to grade their bosses anonymously, both past and current employers. All of the sources we've identified has various ways of approaching the grading process but each arrives at the same conclusion, a final grade from individual employees based on candid input outside of formal grading practices. Visit leafsoftalent.com today! To avoid subscription fees sign-up as a non-member.


Sadly, the improvenow.com link now just leads to one of those traffic generating websites. I was hoping to find a resource for rating an excellent boss and one mind-bogglingly pathetic moron of a boss. :-(

Bill Lono Lamb